Workman's Comp Insurance

Five things can happen to companies that do not have adequate workers' compensation protection. None of them are good.

If you do not purchase some type of workers' compensation insurance:

  • You can be sued  
  • You can be forced to pay punitive damages if you lose injury lawsuits
  • In Texas, you cannot use some defenses such as negligence of the injured worker caused the injury, negligence of fellow employees caused the injury or that the injured worker knew the danger and accepted it voluntarily
  • In Texas, you have to file an annual no coverage notice with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). In addition, you must prominently post notices of that non-coverage in the workplace.
  • You’ll still be liable for any workers' compensation related injuries that occur in your workplace

Consider these two cases:

  • In Orange County, a forklift operator filed a personal injury lawsuit against his employer alleging he was severely injured while operating the forklift because of the employer’s negligence. The employer was not a subscriber of the workers' compensation program.
  • An employee for TJ Maxx in Jefferson County, received over $140,000 in workers' compensation for a slip and fall on the job

However, if you are a covered employer, you have some important protections. One of these is immunity from most lawsuits filed by injured workers.

Texas and Louisiana Workers' Compensation Insurance Veterans

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