1,000,000 Boats Registered

If you’re enough of a water lover to buy a boat, be a peace of mind practitioner and buy boat insurance. Consider this case:

  • A boater in Galveston County had his 20’ Stratus repaired. There was a small dent in the hull. After the repair, two months later, he took it on the water and noticed it listed to the starboard side. In fact, the majority of the fiberglass on that side had been ripped off of the boat. He sued the repair shop for damages.

We're not sure if this unfortunate boater had insurance, but we suspect he didn’t or he wouldn’t have had to sue.

That’s a bad enough situation but what about the boating accidents that occur where you have little or no control. These include hitting a submerged object, storm damage at the dock or getting hit by another boat while in your slip!

Texas Boat Insurance Protection

Many boaters think their homeowner’s policy also covers their boat. If it does, the coverage is usually very limited. Plus, only boats 14’ or less with motors of 25 horsepower or less stationed at your home would even qualify.

According to the Texas Department and Wildlife Division, a typical boating accident involves:

  • Weekends between the hours of noon and 7p.m.
  • An open motorboat
  • A victim falling overboard
  • An operator between the ages of 26 and 50

So, whether you own a personal watercraft (a boat less than 16’ long) a boat (16’ to 25’ 11”) or a yacht (equal or greater than 26’), get insurance for your new asset.

Texas Boat insurance is similar to automobile insurance. You want to be protected against:

  • Personal injury liability resulting from an accident you caused
  • Damage to boat caused by another boat or from striking another object
  • Medical expenses resulting from a boating accident
  • Injury or damage resulting from the actions of an uninsured or underinsured boater
  • Damage to your boat resulting from a storm

Texas and Louisiana Boat Insurance Veterans

There are almost 1,000,000 registered boats in the states of Texas and Louisiana combined. This creates the potential for a lot of accidents. So, insurance is essential. However, you want to work with experienced Harris County boat insurance people to obtain the best value for your insurance premium dollar.

Texan Insurance is Texas based. Complete the form on this page for a boat insurance quote. We can also suggest ways to lower your boat insurance rates. In the end, we’ll help you protect you and one of your favorite toys!

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