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Just 49% of businesses with 3 to 9 employees (the majority of small businesses) offer any kind of health care options for their employees. About 29% of employees in businesses with less than 25 employees were uninsured.

While the new health care reform bill may be murky to some, it appears that small employers may be able to select a credit for half of their employee health care coverage expenses in 2010.

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At Texan Insurance Agency in Pasadena, TX, we can help you understand how the health care reform will affect your business. We’ll assist you in selecting the best health care plan for yourself and your employees.

Currently, the most common plans are:

  • Small Employer plans - These are for businesses with between two and fifty eligible employees. The employees must work at least 30 hours a week, not be under another health plan and must not be seasonal, substitute or part-time workers.  In addition, the plan must be available to all eligible employees.
  • Large Employer Plans - These are for those businesses and organizations that neither self- fund nor meet the small employer requirements.
  • Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAS) - These are employer sponsored programs offered by a group of businesses that have joined together to offer a health care plan.

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It remains to be fully seen how health care reform will impact your business. However, if it might help your employees and benefit your business, obtain a quote and discuss your group health care needs with Texan Insurance Agency today.

We’re based in Pasadena, TX, and have been insuring Texas and Louisiana businesses for over 25 years. We’re working through health care reform, too. We’ll help you see it all the way through.

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