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Business Property Insurance

Consider this business property insurance case:

  • In Harris County, an insurance company paid $148,188.30 to a flooring company. The company’s stainless steel reinforced water supply line developed a catastrophic leak which damaged the business furnishings and showroom of the company.

The remainder of this story told how the insurance company was attempting to recoup that 148k from the firm that built and installed the water pipe.

However, the insured was made whole first. And that is what business property insurance is all about.  Let Texan Insurance provide you with the protection your business needs.

Three Commercial Property Insurance Categories

Generally, property policies fall into three categories:

  • Basic form policies cover damage or risks from common perils like fire, lightning, windstorm, aircraft or civil commotion
  • Broad form policies include the basic form perils but expand the coverage to additional perils like water damage, structural collapse, sprinkler leakage, and losses caused by ice,  sleet or snow
  • Special form policies cover all losses except those that are excluded. The excluded coverages would be flood, earth movement, war, terrorism, nuclear disaster, wear and tear, insects and vermin

Except for counties on the Texas coast, most commercial property insurance policies cover windstorm damage. However, if you’re business is in a coastal county you may need a separate windstorm policy.

Texas and Louisiana Commercial Property Insurance Veterans

One factor of Houston commercial property insurance policies, especially in Texas, is that the policies are not standardized. This means insurers have a lot of flexibility to structure their own coverages. This is why a seasoned veteran of the Texas and Louisiana insurance scene becomes a valuable and in fact, a trusted advisor in an important aspect of your business.

So, obtain a quote and discuss your commercial property insurance needs with one of the professionals at Texan Insurance Agency today.

We’re based in Pasadena, TX, and have been insuring Texas and Louisiana businesses for over 25 years.  We would like to earn your business.

We want to protect what matters most to you.

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