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Texas Commercial General Liability Insurance Claims

Houston Business liability insurance claims cannot only put you out of business; a single claim could ruin you.

Consider these three business liability lawsuits that occurred in Texas over the last few years:

  • A man in Harris County claims he suffered spinal and internal injuries while on a bungee cord ride. An electronic malfunction caused the gentleman to be suspended above the ground for more than a half hour.
  • A Houston Texas man filed suit claiming to be injured by a falling overhead display at an area Home Depot
  • A manager at a CVS pharmacy filed suit against the drug store chain in the Eastern District of Texas, alleging she was terminated because of racial discrimination

And just so you know it doesn’t just happen in Texas, some may recall the man who filed a $54 million suit against a Washington, DC, family-owned dry cleaner over a lost pair of pants a few years ago.

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

If nothing else, these incidents underscore the fact that any business could get sued over anything at anytime from anyone. Even winning a lawsuit may prove to be scant comfort if you have to make a Texas-sized hole in your cash reserves to pay for the victory.

Business liability insurance will cover you and your company for claims involving bodily injuries and property damage resulting from your products, service or operations. It might be the only coverage you need.

However, as good as it is, it will not prevent claims alleging professional errors, inconsistent employment practices or alcohol related injuries if you sell or serve liquor—Respectively you’ll need professional liability, employment practices and liquor liability insurance to solve that.

So, consider constructing a wall of liability insurance around your business.

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