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Your classic or collectible automobile is far more than a vehicle. It represents a hobby, a passion, and carries tremendous value beyond its use for transportation. We have insurance policies that are designed to take care of your vehicle, protect you for the true value should you incur a loss, and give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy that special car.

What Is Considered a Classic Car?

The definition of what is considered a classic car will vary from one insurance company to another. Below are some examples of vehicles that would be suitable for a classic car policy. As you can see, a wide variety of cars, trucks, and other vehicles can qualify for classic or collectible car insurance. In some cases, even later model or newer cars are eligible.

Antique cars built from the 1900s through 1979

Antique Trucks and SUVs that are at least 25 to 30 years old

1980 and newer vehicles if limited or special edition models or exotic vehicles

Modified Vehicles that have significant performance increases and/or structural alterations

Replicas or Reproduction vehicles

How Is Classic & Collectible Car Insurance Different from Standard Auto Insurance?

Classic and collectible car insurance functions like standard auto in- surance. There is a deductible, state minimums apply, and the policy covers losses including bodily injury, collision, and liability.
Comprehensive coverage is also available and recommended for clas- sic or collector cars, as it will protect your prized vehicle against acci- dents with animals, falling objects, theft, and vandalism.
Classic and collectible car coverage differs from standard automobile insurance in one major way: It offers Agreed Value Coverage and not the more limited actual cash value amount.

What Is Agreed Value Coverage?

Your collectible or classic car is covered up to a guaranteed amount, which is a mutually agreed upon by you and the insurance company. The basis for this value can come from an industry recognized valua- tion guide, an independent appraisal, research, or other documenta- tion. The important thing to know is that your vehicle is covered up to the full guaranteed amount, not affected by depreciation.

What If I Hardly Drive My Classic Car?

Collectible or classic cars are generally driven far less than standard automobiles that you might drive to and from work. The insurance policy you select can be tailored to take your use into account. That way you’re not paying for coverage that you don’t need.

What Are Some Optional Coverages I Should Consider for My Classic Car?

In addition to liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, it’s worthwhile to consider some optional extras when purchasing classic car insurance:

Spare Parts Coverage

Original Replacement Parts Coverage

Unlimited Mileage Option

Towing and Labor
(flatbed option)

Coverage while vehicle in Restoration

What Is the Cost of Classic Car Insurance?

Typically, classic car insurance is much lower than regular car insur- ance because of the infrequent use and low miles a classic car is driven.

A variety of factors will influence the cost of classic car insurance. First and foremost, the guaranteed value is the biggest determinant, as more valuable vehicles cost more to ensure. After that, the amount and frequency of usage combined with the types of use (display, exhi- bition, etc.) will come into play.

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