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Home Insurance for The Woodlands, Texas

Selecting an agent to partner with for your homeowner’s insurance needs is an important decision that should be made only after careful consideration.

There are so many choices these days. Homeowner’s insurance can be purchased through mortgage companies with insurance affiliations. It can be purchased with a credit card via a phone call to a customer representative who may not even be located in this country. Coverage can even be obtained by filling out a form on a website with no human contact involved. But when it comes time to file a claim, who do you turn to? Your home is your biggest investment, why trust someone you can’t see or meet in person to protect it?

Choosing a home insurance broker in The Woodlands, like Texan Insurance will lessen the burden of determining the right home insurance policy for your situation.

How Much is Home insurance in Houston, Texas?

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

We all expect our homeowner’s insurance to cover the structure of our home should it be destroyed by fire or leveled by a tornado. But what about the many other threats, such as theft and accidents, that may cause you to lose sleep? You may not be aware of the many ways homeowners insurance can protect you.

Even a standard homeowners policy with no additional provisions typically offers protection in four key areas.
Although home insurance policies can offer different protection, most policies cover:

  • The cost of repairing or rebuilding your home (other permanent structures such as a detached garage and storage buildings may also be covered) as a result of damage from fire, hail, lightning, and other disasters not excluded in the policy.
  • Your personal belongings including furniture, clothing, and—up to specified limits—jewelry, silverware, furs, and other expensive items
  • Your personal liability for a variety of situations, including injuries sustained by others on your property and the cost of your defense and legal awards up to policy limits if you are sued for that bodily injury or property damage.
  • The additional living expenses if you are temporarily unable to live in your home due to a disaster covered by your policy.

It’s important that you know the specifics of your own homeowner’s insurance policy. Understanding all the protection it provides as well as anything excluded in your policy. Be sure you have all the protection you need without paying for coverages you don’t need. Our experienced home insurance experts can assist you with evaluating your coverage and understanding all the details of your policy. Don’t lose any sleep wondering if you’re adequately protected!

Tips for Saving on Your Home Insurance Rates

Finding ways to save money is always welcome, but often we don’t think of essential expenses such as homeowners insurance when considering ways to cut back on those expenses.

9 tips for saving money on home insurance, while still keeping yourself and your home protected:

  1. Shop Around – Just as with any major purchase, shopping around will ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.
  2. Pick a Higher Deductible – A higher deductible means a cheaper insurance premium. If your particular financial situation allows for a higher deductible should damage occur to your property, you can save a considerable sum by using this tip.
  3. Bundle Policies – Most insurance providers offer discounts when you bundle your insurance policies. This is a particularly popular option for the two insurance policies you most need most auto and home.
  4. Put in a Home Security System – If you have a home insurance policy that covers theft and damage due to a break-in, installing a home security system may reduce your premiums. There are other home security measures you can take that may also lower this rate.
  5. Ask for Additional Discounts – Some insurance companies offer special discounts for seniors, students, or employees of particular organizations. Checking to see if you qualify for any additional discounts could mean considerable savings.
  6. Maintain a Good Credit Score – Insurance premiums can be affected by your credit score, so ensuring that you have a good credit rating can reduce your premiums.
  7. Choose One Insurance Carrier for All Your Policies—Often insurance companies can offer you discounts if you have existing policies with them. This is also the case for financial institutions that offer insurance, as well as brokers.
  8. Look for Robust Policies – Comprehensive coverage offers you complete protection for a rate that is, in most cases, less than if you were to get each type of coverage separately. This includes basic homeowner’s insurance as well as disaster, theft, and liability coverage, all in one policy.
  9. Review Your Policy Often – Your homeowner’s insurance renews every year. Make sure it is up to date and makes sense with your changing needs. Re-evaluating whether the type of coverage you currently have is more than what you really need, can save you money. Call a Texan agent to make sure your policy is up-to-date.

Home Insurance Does Not Cover Flood Insurance

Floods are the most costly natural disaster in the United States, causing over a billion dollars in damage every year. Yet many people mistakenly believe that they are safe from flooding because they don’t live in a “high risk” area. But the fact is, every home is in a potential “flood zone.”
Why should you be worried about flooding? As history has shown, unexpected floods can strike in The Woodlands. One-quarter of flood loss occurs in areas designated “low” or “moderate” risk. And the typical homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover floods or water damage of any sort.

Flood insurance policies are important, and a necessary expense for most homeowners. However, there are other types of flooding you have to worry about. It’s also important that you are protected from water damage due to overflowing drains, sewers, or sump pumps too. These events may not count as a natural disaster, but they can certainly cause a disaster to affected Texas homeowners or renters. They can result in a financial disaster on top of that. It takes just an inch of water to inflict thousands of dollars worth of damage, and it doesn’t matter to your carpet, furniture, wiring, and appliances whether that water comes from a hurricane or a backed-up sewer drain. That’s why we recommend additional water damage coverage for all of our customers.

Looking for home insurance quotes in the Woodlands? We can help!

We are a trusted home insurance broker in The Woodlands. What does that mean for you? Not only do we know homeowner’s insurance, but we also know The Woodlands! Our agency focuses on three principles: insurance expertise, personalized attention, and commitment to our customers. As an insurance broker, we offer a wide variety of products and services, and because we are affiliated with over 40 of the best insurance companies in Texas, we have the unique ability to provide you and your family a solution that meets your specific needs. Call Texan today!

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